Wonder if there will be any good football between the Ads?

@sophia There's something special about it. I have a friend who lives near Crickhowell. Next time I'm in Wales, I'm definitely going to find Tintern.

Very kind of you – love shooting and just wish I had more time to do it.

@sophia Those are some very lovely photos of Tintern.

@aral But how will you get to re-live random memories from 2009? /s

We found the most beautiful light to take some pregnancy pics.

@Gargron Around 9 or 10 Dec is our tradition. Seems like just the right amount of time before Christmas.

@rosemaryorchard The sample looks great – I'm a long-time OF user but still buying this for myself. Looks like a fantastic reference.

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Great to meet ya. See you on the fediverse!

@emersunn Happy user of v7. There was a security issue with Lastpass a couple of years ago.

First step: figure out why I can't see any Toots on federated profiles... πŸ˜•

Hello World, from my own Mastodon instance. The future is federated.


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